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Do I take care of the children in my home?

No. You should visit with the children at their placement. Also, our program does not allow you to transport the children to any location. The children will remain with their caregiver at all times.

Do I have time for this?

Many of our CASA Volunteers have full-time schedules and are able to successfully fulfill their responsibilities as a CASA Volunteer. There are typically four to five court dates and meetings that are scheduled during the daytime hours, but other CASA responsibilities (such as visiting the children, writing court reports, communicating with the parties involved in the case, etc.) can be completed according to your own schedule every month.

I have little or no experience with the court system. Does this matter?

Our training includes an introduction to the court set-up and process. We will discuss everyone’s roles in court and what you can expect to do and see there. Additionally, there will be a casework supervisor assigned to work with you at each step along the way. They will be present with you at court hearings.

There are twelve hours of continuing education that are required every year. How do I complete this?

We host webinars, in-services, and other types of informative discussions throughout the year. These trainings are led by professionals in the community and the state on a variety of topics.

When is your next training?

Please check our calendar for the next training. We hold training Mondays – Thursdays from 5:30pm – 8:30pm and we are currently accepting applications. Please contact our office for more information at (956) 546-6545.

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