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Harlem Ambassadors VS Team CASA

The Harlem Ambassadors are sure to deliver an awesome, quality comedy basketball show appropriate for all ages!  The show is designed to be fun for all ages with youngsters being awed for the first time and older kids enjoying the tried and true gags like a re-run of a favorite comedy movie.  Children of all ages are able to sit with the players and get front row seats.  Learn special basketball tricks from these professional players, get their autograph and be involved in the game!  The up close family atmosphere helps to create unity and allows children to be involved in the game!  Pre-sale student tickets are on sale now for only $7.00, at the door the flat rate is $10.00.  All adult tickets and senior tickets are the flat rate of $10.00.  For an additional $5.00 get an autograph of your favorite player.  Come see TEAM CASA stomp the Harlem Ambassadors in the first ever visit to the RGV!

Click here to purchase tickets or call (956) 546-6545