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Mental Health Considerations: Working with Children and Youth

“Mental Health Considerations: Working with Children and Youth” will be presented by Seanna Crosbie, LCSW, Director of Program Services, Austin Child Guidance Center.

Description: “This webinar will provide information on how to appropriately serve children/youth who have experienced or witnessed abuse/neglect, domestic violence or other traumatic events. Learn how trauma impacts a child’s development, ways you can effectively field difficult questions from children/youth, and how to ensure you are best supporting their healing through your actions and language.”

About the Presenter: “Seanna has over 15 years of experience providing trauma treatment to kids and teens; her area of expertise is evidenced-based treatment for children impacted by trauma and abuse as well as working with mandated populations.  Seanna, who grew up in Saudi Arabia, also has a passion for multi-cultural counseling.  Seanna initiated and led Austin Child Guidance Center in the process of becoming one of the first trauma-informed agencies in the area.  She has presented at both local and statewide conferences on a variety topics including implementation of trauma-informed care within complex delivery systems.  She is the chair and founder of the Trauma-Informed Care Consortium (TICC) of Central Texas ( and is the co-chair of the Children and Youth Mental Health Planning Partnership.  Seanna participates on six child-serving partnerships.  Additionally, she serves on the Board of Directors for YWCA Great Austin and Community Yoga Austin.”